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  • Clint Bissell

    Clint is a Cornell University graduate. Clint has been a full time home inspector for over 10 years. Before his inspection career, he worked at IBM, Loral, and Lockheed Martin, primarily in Site Activation and Planning. In 2007, after almost 10 years of working for Highland Home Inspections, Clint decided to pursue his dream of small business ownership. (Side note..the separation from Highland Home Inspections was amicable and both owners continue their friendship and goodwill). He is a long-time member of the American Society of Home Inspector (ASHI) and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ASHI.

  • Mr. Joseph D "JD" Pyle

    JD joined SSIS in 2007 and served a year-long internship under Clint Bissell. During this period JD attended the rigourous Carson-Dunlop training program and earned his Home Inspector license. JD and Clint work together as often as their schedules permit. There is a constant stream of unsolicited feedback from satisfied clients of JD and several can be forwarded upon request.

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