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Chimney Inspection

Sandy Spring Inspection Services does not perform chimney or fireplace repairs. This eliminates the conflict of interest that traditional sweeps face (they inspect and then solicite the repair work). With Sandy Spring Inspection Services you get the precise condition of your fireplace and flue. Clients frequently hire SSIS as a second opinion (to validate the need for expensive chimney repairs) or to verify that repairs have been performed properly and professionally.

When your inspection is complete you will understand your fireplace and chimney and know it's (previously) hidden defects. If repairs are needed, you will be able to work with your sweep in a meaningful and confident manner.

What to expect during the inspection...

Plan on spending approximately 1.5 hours on site with your inspector. The inspection is performed from three locations: from the roof (when safely accessible); from the attic; and from the appliance (fireplace, furnace, etc). You will see the condition of your chimney from the roof (digital photograghs) and the condition of your chimney (video scan). You will leave with a DVD of the chimney scan. The findings of the inspection will be documented in a computer generated report which will be sent via e-mail the following day.

Inspections will be performed in accordance with the standards outlined in the NFPA 211, Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances. These standards describe the three types of inspections: level 1 (visual inspection); level 2 (complete inspection to include the use of a chimney camera); and level 3 (destructive testing to reveal known defects). Sandy Spring Inspection Services offers only level 2 and level 3 inspections. It is our company belief that there are too many areas left "un-seen" during a level 1 inspection.

SAMPLE: Fireplace & Chimney Inspection Report (PDF)
VIDEO: Chimney Scan: Woehler VisPro Camera System
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